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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - is there any point in talking about a game that everyone knows about? Even if you haven't played the Grand Theft Auto series, you've definitely heard of it. You didn't come to find out the plot, but to find out how the game is going on mobile devices, right? So, Rockstar has once again surprised us with a high-quality port of classics. Once upon a time we could not even imagine playing a full-fledged "GTA" on a mobile device. And now the time has come to return to neon cities full of colors and 80s style.

The first thing that will meet us is very convenient control. If on the small screen of your smartphone you still obstruct the view, then on the tablet the interface buttons responsible for control practically do not obstruct the view. And that's great. Yes, the mission with the helicopter is now as easy as shelling pears, you can write it down as a minus.

The radio has not undergone changes, as is often the case with mobile ports lately. It is also possible to create your own playlists using your own music. But with the preservation of a controversial situation. On the one hand, there are no saves in the game anywhere as we would like, on the other hand, oldfags will be happy, because again they will have to get to the hotel and save there.
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Monday, December 27, 2021

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